What is Sports Vision Performance Training?

The purpose of sports vision performance training is:

  • Remediation of visual need where identified by Sports Vision Screening or full Sports Vision assessment.
  • General enhancement of visual skills to give an athlete competitive advantage.
  • Training an athlete to absorb more visual information faster and process it more quickly, so that vision may guide performance more efficiently, assisting in achieving full sporting potential.

How does sports vision performance training work?

Activities are employed that arrange conditions for visual learning and, in the case of full Sports Vision Performance Training, integration of new and existing skills with body movement, dynamic balance and postural mechanisms. All activities used give feedback to the athlete about the quality of visual perceptions used to inform body movement and thinking.

Watch this video to see Sports Vision Training in action. Featuring Tom Rowlands of Cardiff Blues and Wales Sevens squad, and Aled Lewis of Swansea University.

“Being a University side we are always looking for research that may help improve the performance of the side. Eurfron’s work with the players will hopefully allow them to be able to process more of what is in their visual field and be able to quickly react to that”.

Richard Lancaster, Swansea University Head Coach

“It was something we never really work on that much, even with professional teams. However, its something that affects you in every aspect of a game, how you react to information coming at you in a wider visual field when off balance under pressure. It’s a lot to take in but hopefully this training will help us all to improve”.

Tom Rowlands, Cardiff Blues and Wales Sevens squad

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