Sports Vision performance training can be carried out in a number of ways as below.

1. Full Sports Vision Performance Training

Full Sports Vision Performance Training is carried out in practice on a one to one basis and the emphasis is generally upon remediation of any anomalies highlighted in the Sports Vision Assessment and, in particular, building peripheral awareness and speed of processing visual information in integration with motor response to visual stimuli. The exact content will vary with sport and individual need but the major benefit of this individual approach over computer programs is the emphasis on the integration of visual input with body movement, dynamic balance and off balance postures. A wide variety of equipment is used and may include light boards, footplates, rotators, balance tools, sensory or strobe glasses, space altering glasses, PC programs and targets, laser lights, Infra Red sensors, balls, batons, beanbags, etc.

Recommended frequency of sessions is at least once a week or fortnight, and usually a home program will be advised between sessions. The content of any home program will vary according to facilities available to an individual. For example, it might involve PC /Internet based activities and/or gym activities and/or home activities using equipment loaned from the practice.

Sports Vision Performance Training sessions can be booked individually and paid at the time of booking. Alternatively discounts are available for bulk bookings and direct debit. Please phone or email for details.

2. Vision Training Computer Programs

Computer programs run on PC or laptop at home. Various are available but the one we are currently using is an excellent program, originally designed for the Olympic teams, and so definitely sports specific. It covers mechanical visual skills like focus and eye teaming, as well as visual perceptual skills important in sport, such as integration of central and peripheral space, tracking, 3D, visual memory, etc. It is generally advised to work 5 days out of 7 for about 15 – 20 minutes. The program has specific goals to pass and a limited number of runs, which should usually be sufficient to achieve these goals. A demo can be arranged at the practice.

3. Combination of Sports Vision Performance Training and Computer programs

The best of both worlds! Running the computer software at home in combination with periodic in practice sessions to work on visual motor integration skills. This is a useful way to work as you also have the convenience of the PC program and the added benefit of knowing how the more dynamic aspects are impacting on your sport. In this instance you can choose how often to have your sessions and recommendations will still be made for activities to support performance goals in the interim.

4. Sports Vision Performance Training “Gym”

At present this option is only available to teams. Please phone or email for details.